This instruction is doing on bitcoin, others are the same.

to BUY NOW, you can do like this: 

Step 1:

At home page, choose Buy now


Step 2:

Enter the amount you want to buy and choose a suitable bank > click Buy now


Step 3:

Make payment correctly as following information. 

The payment is like this "username 012354T34770152", you MUST transfer to the exactly provided information and click "PAID".
Note: you have to click "PAID" within the showed limit time
If you dont do as above, the trade will be automatically cancelled. By then, you can contact supporters to upload your payment proof.  

Press the [I have paid seller] after successful payment and wait for the seller to confirm. You will lose money if you don't press it.

Note: Never Cancel the trade if you already paid. Because the trade cannot be reverted after completed.

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