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Remitano plan for the BCH hardfork on Nov 15, 2018
Remitano plan for the BCH hardfork on Nov 15, 2018

What Remitano will do in the event of BCH hard fork

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On Nov 15, Bitcoin Cash will undergo a hardfork.

Unlike other hardforks, a portion of miners who owned more than 51% hashing power is threatening to revert all transactions mined on the other chains through re-organization.

Remitano takes this threats seriously. So we will stop processing BCH deposits and withdrawals 1 hour before the fork, which will happen around 16:40, November 15, 2018 (UTC). Trading will be enabled but no deposits and withdrawals will be processed during that time.

We will resume processing deposits and withdrawals when we are confident that doing so won't result in any transactions being reverted (due to chain re-organization). The pause is expected to last no more than 7 days since the fork.

Once BCH deposits and withdrawals are processed again, we will follow the chain with the majority hash rate at the moment of resuming. If you wish to have your coin on all the other forked chains, please withdraw your BCH before the 15:40, Novemeber 15, 2018 (UTC). We will not process requests to return or credit coin on unsupported chain.

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