• In the header bar, choose username > Verify account > Verify

  • Comply with the following 4 requirements to complete account verification:

Request 1: Upload your ID photo (your ID card, passport, or driver's license).

Note: For an ID card and driver's license, you provide a clear photo Affixed seal; otherwise, your document will be rejected

Request 2: IDs on a sheet of paper: take a sheet of paper and write as follows "Buying crypto on Remitano.com [your email] [today's date] and the code that is shown (valid for the next 10 minutes)" and place the IDs you have uploaded previously on the sheet and take a picture.

Request 3: Man holds paper: take a selfie with a sheet of paper with handwritten information as "Buying crypto on Remitano.com [your email] [today's date]

Note: You must take a clear picture of your face and your arm holding the paper; otherwise, your document will be rejected.

Request 4: Secondary ID: take a picture of either one of your National ID, driver's license, international passport, birth certificate, bank statement, marriage certificate... which is different from the primary ID uploaded in Request 1.


  • All images need to be clear, readable full name and document reference of the document. Any sign of modification is not acceptable.

  • Please follow our instruction carefully, your account may be temporarily banned if you fail to upload correct images many times. 

  • In some countries, we may ask for different documents, please follow our instruction in your verify page if it's different with this instruction.

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