1/ What is Fiat Wallet?

Fiat wallet (VND wallet) at Remitano is used to stored your local currencies in the website, it will help boost your trading experience. The trade will be automatically completely when you have sufficient local currencies in the website and you also don't need to wait for seller to check his bank statement. At this moment, we are supporting Fiat Wallet for Vietnam (VND wallet) and Nigeria market (NGN wallet). 

At  this moment we only support Vietcombank for Vietnam market

2/ How to deposit into Fiat Wallet:
Step 1:
Visit VND... Wallet and input amount you want to deposit and click 'Deposit'

Then we will show the payment instruction. You need to follow exactly the payment instruction

Step 2: Transfer to our bank as instruction
You need to make sure to transfer with exact amount and description in your bank transaction description/remarks. 

Step 3: The transaction will be credited to your VND wallet

Our banking system will automatically check the bank statement and credit to your Fiat Wallet once we receive the payment. After an hour, if your transfer is not marked as Processed (as image), please contact our support to check. 

Once the deposit is processed, the balance in the top left bar will be updated accordingly. 

If your bank balance is insufficient or you want to change the amount, you can "Cancel the deposit" and create another deposit request.

  • You can also check your deposit history:


3/ How to withdraw to Fiat Wallet

Step 1: Visit VND Wallet and input amount you want to withdraw and click 'Withdraw'

Step 2: Add Your Bank Account (Vietcombank only)


Step 3: Input your amount you want to withdrawal

Input the amount and click "Confirm"

Step 4: Confirm your withdrawal

Once the withdrawal is submitted, you can check the status of the withdrawal in the history of withdrawal. Once the status is Processed, you can check your bank statement in your internet banking. 

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