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Authy code is invalid, what should I do?
Authy code is invalid, what should I do?

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After activating Two factor authentication (so-called by us: Authy security), every action related to your fund in Remitano shall be verified again by the Authy code (if you don't know about or how to activate, this instruction may help
If you get "Invalid or expired Authy token", of if you continuously put the wrong code you will get “You have exceeded number of allowed requests for this action”, please follow these instruction to figure out the error: 

  1. Choose the right Remitano account you have activated:

2.  Authy code is invalid because of the difference in the time setting of your device (where you get Authy code) and your computer (where you fill your code in). Make sure that the time and time zone are the same. For iPhone device, you must use internet time to make sure that the time is in sync. 

  • iPhone

  • Mac

3. If the problem still remains, you could cancel Authy security by this instruction


The most popular reason for "Invalid or expired Authy token" is because of the time at Google Authenticator/ Authy is not in sync. To avoid the error, please follow these steps: 

For Android:

  • Step 1: Open main Menu at Google Authenticator app

  • Step 2: Choose "Setting"

  • Step 3: Choose "Time correction for codes"

  • Step 4: Choose "Sync now"

For iOS:

  • Step 1: Choose "Setting"

  • Step 2: Choose "General"

  • Step 3: Choose "Day and time"

  • Step 4: Turn on "automatic" . If "day and time" is set, turn it off, wait for a few seconds and turn it on. 

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