What is Bitcoin Cash (BCH)?

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Bitcoin Cash was created after a hard fork in the Bitcoin block chain and implemented an increased block size of 8mb with the goal of confirming transactions even faster. All bitcoin holders as of August 1, 2017 (block 478558) became owners of an identical amount of Bitcoin Cash.

How is Bitcoin Cash different from bitcoin?

Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) are two different currencies. However, the addresses used for transacting (sending and receiving BTC and BCH) look exactly the same. It’s important to confirm that you’re using the correct currency’s address when transacting BTC/BCH.

What can I do with my Bitcoin Cash?

You can use BCH like any other cryptocurrency. You can use your Blockchain wallet to store your BCH, send all of your funds to a BCH wallet, or other exchanges.

Where can I trade Bitcoin Cash?

You can change to Bitcoin Cash by clicking on Bitcoin Cash on top header or access https://bch.remitano.com

Will Bitcoin Cash affect my bitcoin balance?

No, bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are two separate currencies, completely independent of each other. You can send or exchange your Bitcoin Cash without changing your bitcoin balance.

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