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Things you need to know when trading at Remitano
Things you need to know when trading at Remitano

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These things are helpful for a safer and faster trading.

  1. When deposit and withdraw Bitcoin/Ethereum...

  • It is a MUST to recheck the wallet address you just copy. There are many types of virus that making change to your copied address then being careful before you click "yes" to move your coin or paste that address. If you find out the address is wrong, you should stop your trade and reset the device. 

  • When making a deposit or withdrawal, you have to wait for a confimation from Blockchain network to update your Bitcoin/Ethereum/... into your wallet (no need other actions).

  • You should choose higher transaction fee for faster confirmation. 

2. When buying Bitcoin/Ethereum/...

  • Check the Bitcoin/Ethereum/wallet address carefully, if you find there are any mistakes, you must stop the trade immediately.

  • You should choose someone with the same banks for a faster transaction. 

3. When selling Bitcoin/Ethereum/...

  • Move to the EXACT wallet address we provide, if not, we are not responsible for any mistakes. 

  • DO NOT click"I have received payment"  when you have not received money from buyers.

  • Remember to click "I have received payment" when you already received enough money from buyers. 

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