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How to earn "frequent buyer" and "quick seller" title?
How to earn "frequent buyer" and "quick seller" title?
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If your trust score is higher than 90%, you can have these titles. Below are how we measure your account to reach the requirements.
For buying ads:

  • A high number of successful trades: your trust score will rise when you have a successful trade and decline when you have a cancel trade.

  • Verified account and phone numbers: It is a mandatory condition to get a higher trust score.

  • How old your account is: Count from the creation time.

  • Verification from your social media accounts: you can connect Remitano with your Facebook, zalo, skype, etc to increase your trust score.

For selling ads:

  • Trying to avoid disputed trades: When you have a dispute trade, you trust score will be decreased.

  • Buyer's response after a trade: If you have a buyer's response that you have completed a quick trade, you can earn yourself some scores.

�In all, if you can complete a trade quickly and successfully, and make less canceled trades, you will have high trust score.

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